Frequently Asked Questions

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General questions about the project

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Gameswap is a community-driven decentralised exchange (DEX) for in-game assets and NFTs.

An MVP is in the works and should be ready at some point during Q1

Gameswap is one of the components of the Shroom protocol for in-game assets.

Most blockchain projects doing in-game assets trading are actually CEXes. They claim to be P2P but they are centralised, driven by a firm, privately owned, and with a closed ecosystem. We are neutral, fully community driven, and 100% open source.

We have spoken with several small game devs and there's interest and willingness to proceed with some kind of collaboration. But we will explore them in due course once we have the MVP out.


Questions related to the GSWAP token.

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GSWAP is the governance token of the Gameswap decentralised exchange, as well as its base currency.

GSWAP can be bought or farmed. We recommend farming, although some community members prefer to buy. A new round of farming will come during Q2-Q3.

Absolutely not. Both tokens are part of the same project and have complementary use case. What is good for one is good for the other. With time both token might converge, but for now they have a different purpose.


Doubts about GSWAP farming.

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You need to get liquidity provider tokens on our Uniswap or Balancer pools


Initially you will be able to get it from a bootstrapping pool on, then it can be obtained in our farms via non-GSWAP pairs.

Around 25 days at 30 tokens per block.