Create and trade gaming NFTs

GameSwap is a decentralised exchange that enables millions of gamers to easily create and trade gaming NFTs, in a neutral platform that they govern and own. Powered by DeFi and the GSWAP token.

Assets are minted or bridged

Any in-game asset can be bridged and wrapped into compatible Ethereum standard via adapters or our Mint service.

Gamers connect their wallet

Users manage their inventory via non-custodial crypto wallet such as Metamask.

Swap or cash-out order is placed

The users place a swap or cash out order for one or several of their wallet assets.

Powered by cutting-edge crypto and DeFi standards.

GameSwap leverages Ethereum standards and the most recent innovations in decentralised finance (DeFi) to achieve markets in equilibrium even with full decentralization.

ERC-20 and Stablecoins

Smart order routing

NFT (ERC721 / ERC1155)

Yield Farming